When a woman was stopped for failing to use her blinker on a turn, she was given field sobriety tests and was arrested. After reviewing video of her stop, we determined that she had, in fact, used her blinker on the turn and filed a motion to suppress on her behalf. The judge ruled in our favor and all of the evidence from the entire stop was thrown out.

Our client was facing state charges for DWI and child endangerment after being pulled over for a domestic dispute with her sister in a county outside of the St. Louis metro area. After investigating the case, we filed a motion to exclude the breath test results. Before the motion hearing coud be held, the prosecutor's office contacted us offering to dismiss the DWI charge.

DISMISSAL--When our client was arrested in a southwest Missouri municipality for DWI and possession of paraphernalia with a BAC over the legal limit, our attorneys investigated the case and convinced the Prosecuting Attorney to completely dismiss the DWI charge after finding that the breath test machine was improperly maintained.

Lady's license was revoked and had holds against her license in six municipalities from north, west and south county in St Louis Missouri. She called Traffic STL on Tuesday and was driving legally by the following Monday. Many times we can even do this type of case in 24-48 hours. Of course there are many factors that go into a license suspension or revocation

Gentleman with a second DWI in a North County Municipality -- DISMISSED. The officer had no probable cause and conducted all aspects of the field sobriety tests and the breathalizer test erroneously. Only attorneys that know how to properly review police reports and your recollection of events can reveal every possible argument for the BEST outcome. Many attorneys may have put this guy on a two-year probation because they didn't understand the law, facts, and circumstances. The original traffic stop must be for a legal reason and the officer must be properly trained. This means your lawyers MUST KNOW what police officers are SUPPOSED to know.

A nurse with asthma was facing a one-year revocation of her license for refusing to submit to a breath test after failing to successfully give a breath sample. After attacking the validity of the refusal, we were able to secure an offer to have the refusal revocation thrown out.

When a Police Officer from a St. Louis County Municipality was arrested on DWI after driving on the wrong side of a busy highway, the arresting officers and Prosecutor were ready to make an example of him. We were able to successfully negotiate an unsupervised probation for the officer.

A Local Laborer Has Entire DWI Case Dismissed In South County and Keeps License. Just like the 2nd DWI fellow above in NORTH County, the officer must properly execute all aspects of a DWI stop. Here, the officer DID NOT. Many officers have made up their mind about a DWI stop once they get so far in. So, even if s/he doesn't like what they find out about 10-20 minutes into the stop, WELL, they just keep proceeding with issuing a DWI. Only attorneys that KNOW what the officer is SUPPOSED to know can tell when a DWI stop changes from right to wrong.

A man facing a one-year revocation of his driving privileges for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test and accused of having two prior DWIs was able to keep his full driver's license after we successfully proved that the man was denied his rights to speak with an attorney before making a decision about whether or not to blow.

A North Municipality DWI case was pled down to a traffic violation when we were able to successfully argue that the officer did not have probable cause for the arrest.

A client arrested on the I-70 corridor was able to keep his license and avoid a DWI conviction after we proved that the breath test was improperly administered.

A metro west 2nd DWI was pled down to a traffic violation and the defendant was able to keep his license when we showed that the breath test was conducted improperly and showed that the field sobriety results were inaccurate.

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